The SAHARAS Company is, for the first time in the company’s history, launching its products in the United States of America in Q1 2017. In order to the support sales in the United States, we have established the company, SAHARAS Corporation, in New York. The first launch will take place in California, where our retail bags will be promoted through a large number of convenient stores. We are all excited and have great expectations for the sales of our products in The United States. Furthermore, we are in a positive dialogue with more interested, potential distributors on both the east and west coast. This is all very positive and exciting, but we are also applying a very humble attitude when being such great interest in our products and business.

 (+45) 98 10 91 22

 Jagtvej 157, DK 2200 Cph N

 (+45) 98 10 91 22

 Jagtvej 157, DK-2200 Cph N