14/11-2016 – NEW EMPLOYEE

The SAHARAS Team is growing as our products are becoming even more attractive and recognized around the world. We are very excited to experience this increasing interest in SAHARAS, and to see the growth in our company from this expansion. This is, of course, the result of the fact that our business partners are growing too, which is making business profitable with our products. To encounter this increasing growth, we recently recruited two new international sales managers. They are assigned to support and develop our new business partners, and together grow the SAHARAS business around the globe.

Kaare Korsbæk, ISM, has been working in the international HORECA Marketing Segment for over 30 years. He has held a number of leading executive positions such as Managing for the Hotel & Conference Groth North Zealand, Hotel Bretagne, and Helenekilde Hotel. He has furthermore been employed with the Royal Danish Court serving Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. Kaare also has extensive experience with HORECA Markets such as Food and Beverage Direction with the Danish Agricultural Board / Danish Government and Scandlines Catherine. For two years he was working in the UK with the Dormy House Hotel and Golden Valley Thistle Hotel. He has done all of this along with a variety of project assignments in both France and Africa.

01/11-2016 Introducing our new dispenser

dispenserThe new SAHARAS dispenser with portion control is now available! Out semi-automatic SAHARAS dispenser, Model 550, serves 60 gram portions and 90 gram portions in cups just by pushing a button. The dispenser is smaller than the previous, very successful Scoop & Serve dispenser. It also has a discrete and attractive design in aluminium grey with a black top and dark glass around the dispenser.

 (+45) 98 10 91 22

 Jagtvej 157, DK 2200 Cph N

 (+45) 98 10 91 22

 Jagtvej 157, DK-2200 Cph N